Valedictory Service For Rev. Rose Teteki Abbey

A special valedictory service was held for the immediate past Clerk of the Ga Presbytery, Rev. Rose Teteki Abbey at the Prince of Peace Presbyterian Congregation in Tema Community 2.
The service attracted a host of special dignitaries from the Traditional community, Lay members of the church, friends, family and the Clergy.
Rev. Rose Abbey thanked the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, who held her hands and inducted her into office at the time he the Moderator was the Ga Presbytery Chairperson, adding that his advised and encouragement made her to discharge her duties as the Clerk of the Ga Presbytery.
Mama Rose again thank the Rev. Dr. Nii Noi Odonkor for his leadership role as the current Chairperson of the Ga Presbytery whose experience as one time Clerk of the Presbytery guided her to also give her best out to the growth and development of the Presbytery.
The out-gone Clerk used the occasion to share her story in the office as a Clerk with the congregants and the people gathered and later asked that if in the cause of her work as the Clerk of Presbytery, she may have offended anyone, she ask all such persons to forgive her.
Mama Rose also spoke of the challenges of ministry, and called for an attentive obedience that was not held back by old patterns. She was presented with a citation which elaborated the qualities and finesse she brought to bear on the work at the Presbytery. Others who presented citations were Ga Presbytery, TTS and SMT students at the Trinity Theological Seminary.
Preaching on the theme for the day,”Not Seven, But Seventy Times Seven (Matthew 18: 21-35)” she said we need to forgive each other as many times as we can since our Father also forgives us anytime we realized we have sinned. When we go to our Father for forgiveness of our sins, we do not count the many times He forgives us so we should also stop counting and just forgive as He has instructed us.
Rev. Abbey said as human as we are, some offence toward us is very bitter to warrant forgiveness from us but we should just obey our Lord and forgive.


By: Emmanuel Wiafe