The Day Hard Work and Commitment Is Rewarded

It is here again……. The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Eben-Ezer Congregation, Osu is the venue for “Our Presbyterian Heritage: Inspiration for the Current Generation”. This event comes off on Wednesday, 23rd November, 2016 at 6:00pm. It precedes the annual Eben-Ezer Day celebration on which awards are given to members who excel in various activities of the Church.

This aimed at motivating or inspiring members of the Church to strive to attain the same or even higher standards of excellence through selfless commitment, devotion and sacrifice to the work of Osu Eben-Ezer.

The day of recognition is termed EBEN-EZER DAY. This day is also an opportune time the Church hierarchy takes to educate the younger  generation  and also to let them have a feel of the real Presbyterian discipline which when inculcated into them, will prod them to move and move on, looking beyond the sky for a crown.

Billed to speak at the event is the Rev. Prof. David Nii Anum Kpobi, Director, Graduate Studies, Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon and a host of learned Ministers, Catechists, and other prominent members of Society would be present to grace the Occasion.

You are cordially invited to learn the roots and foundation of Presbyterianism. The Peace of the Lord be with you as you are expected on the grounds of the Osu Eben-Ezer Congregation