Presbytery 2012(Decisions)

Decisions taken at the  annual  Presbytery Conference held at the Presbyterian Women’s Center Abokobi from 21ST-24TH April, 2012.

  1. That the remission on the nomination of candidates of Principal Officers of the General Assembly and Presbyteries be vested in the General Assembly and Presbyteries respectively was accepted.
  2. The remission that the functions and qualifications of Lay Representatives be defined and enshrined in the Constitution is accepted. The Presbytery Council will however form a committee to look at the accompanying paper to submit appropriate suggestions.
  3. Presbytery to call the General Assembly’s attention to the procedural flaw in the 2011 General Assembly decision to sever relations with partner churches that ordain homosexuals and allow same sex marriages and to revisit the matter.
  4. The remission from GA Council on Constitutional Amendment that “Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, each group shall regulate its own affairs. However, the Constitution, bye-laws or regulations and procedures of any group in the Church shall, through its appropriate department be approved by the General Assembly Council was accepted.
  5. General Assembly Council remission on Departmental Directors that Directors should be made members of all Committees under their Department; that Directors shall be in attendance in the Presbytery and General Assembly (including their Councils) but may be in attendance at the Standing Committee” was accepted.
  6. The proposed Amendment to Article 2(16) that “The Congregational Session may obtain loans and other credit facilities with the approval of the District Session and the Presbytery and shall seek clearance and technical assistance from the District Session and the Presbytery for all projects” was accepted
  7. The remission from General Assembly on the creation of the Sefwi Presbytery out of the Asante Presbytery was not accepted.
  8. Presbytery nominated the following as candidates for the position of Clerk of General Assembly:
    1. Rev. Dr. S. Ayete  Nyampong
    2. ii. Rev. Dr. Ernestina Afriyie
    3. iii. Rev. George O. Kwapong
  1. The 2011 Audited Accounts is accepted
  2. That the Presbytery Investment Committee should be re-constituted as a matter of urgency
  3. Presbytery Council was mandated to arrange the purchase of the vehicle for the Ga West Mission Field as early as practicable while Districts arrange to pay their contributions by end of June, 2012.
  4. That a Centenary Block be built to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the Presbytery.
  5. That a think tank to examine the proposal for possible acquisition of land for a privately owned cemetery is to be set up.
  6. That all District Ministers are provided with all crucial equipments and facilities to aid their administrative and pastoral functions and that this should begin with the provision of laptops.
  7. The Zimmermann Fund should be formalized, well structured and well resourced for ministerial education and research in the Presbytery.
  8. That a Presbytery only Youth Week be celebrated. The Presbytery Council is mandated to work out the modalities.
  9. Next place of Presbytery is New Achimota District.