Mission and Evangelism Consultation “Rethinking-Church”

The Ga Presbytery held a Consultation on Mission and Evangelism at PCG Greenwich Meridian Congregation under the theme “Re-thinking Church”. This was held between the 18th to 20th of October 2020. The Consultation had a least 3 persons representing each of the 27 Districts, and Mission field.

In his opening remarks on the first day, Rev. Dr Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye, the Ga Presbytery Chairperson, explained that the concept of “Rethinking-Church” does not mean abandoning the old traditions but rather approaching the traditions of the church in a contemporary way in order to stay relevant.

On the first day of the Consultation, Rev. Ebenezer Adjetey presented the Growth of the Presbytery as at the end of the 3rd Quarter. Later, some districts made presentations on their statistics and church growth, as well as programs lined up to improve upon their memberships and church growth within their respective Congregations. The Chairperson, Rev. Dr. Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye, led the Presbytery to interrogate the statistical figures of the districts.

Speaking on the theme, “Rethinking Church”, the Rev Gideon B. Puplampu, Director of RTC, Abetifi, said that churches should be planted with the right motives and must be built on the foundation laid by Jesus Christ. Essentially, they should be growing in the model Jesus demonstrated, that is, The Word-Power Church. He explained that it is inimical to develop one aspect at the expense of the other. He admonished that the right balance ought to be struck between prayer and the word. He added that the same fervency used in seeking power as a church should be applied to the study of the word.

Based on the model of the church in Philippi in the time of the Apostle Paul, he said that believers should have the mindset that they have been saved for missions. Churches should extend help to other churches that might be in need.

He went on further to say that churches should strive to turn concerns into ministries. Existing groups in the church should be attentive to the needs of the church and develop ministries out of them for church growth.

Again, he spoke on the concept of relocating the church. He explained that if the church is relocated literally to take the centre place in the lives of people, the church will minister to and have full influence over the major faculties of their lives so they become excellent in all these areas.

Giving his closing remarks at the end of the three days, Rev. Dr. Abraham Opare Kwakye encouraged the participants to be renewed and inspired to do something for the Lord.

He stressed the fact that, in as much as we embrace change, we should know the limit to which change can come and also take cognizance of the fact that where there’s renewal and change, there are excesses that comes with it. When this happens, leadership of the church should be ready to step in to curtail these excesses. He again made the point that we shouldn’t let these excesses be a stumbling block to the need for change and renewal.