Launching of the Pavilion Project

On Sunday, 9th November, 2014 at 9:00am at the Emmanuel Congregation of the Dansoman District, The Chairperson of Ga Presbytery Rev. Dr. Godwin Nii Noi Odonkor ably assisted by the Clerk of Presbytery, Rev. William Korley Quaye and other Ministers will launch the Pavilion Project.

History has it that the Ga Presbytery was the recipient of the Missionaries in 1828 in view of its strategic position. Up to this day all other Missionaries had passed through the Presbytery before reaching their final destination. Today the Presbytery has expanded by leaps and bounds.

Without doubt, the Accra metropolis has over the period seen various types of Church buildings displaying the handiworks of modern architecture. However, when one moves a little out of Accra, places of worship found are in sharp contrast to those in the metropolis. The best you could find will be from people’s halls of residences to car garages. Some worship under palm fronds sheds or under trees.

The disturbing fact is that when meticulous Evangelistic programmes are drawn and carried out to win converts they sooner or later leave for other churches because our place of worship are unattractive. When the returned Jews came back from exile, they did not find the temple attractive and therefore would not bother about worship (Haggai 1:2-5).

The Ga Presbytery, in line with its mission to society, has resolved to build fifty (50) pavilions to serve as places of worship in the rural communities of Presbytery within the next five years. Two (2) of these are to be built by the end of 2014.

To the glory of God the Presbytery with assistance from the Ghanaian residents in the United Kingdom have completed and dedicated the 1st Worship Pavilion at Okaijaman in the Ga West Mission Field. The cost of the project came up to Fifty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢50,000.00). It is in this light we appeal passionately to all to give generously towards the provision of descent worship environments to our dear brothers and sisters out there.

Full sponsors and co-sponsors (families, friends, churches) will have their names embossed on the Pavilions so build to the Glory of God.

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