Induction Service Of Rev. S. H. O. Ofori

An induction service was held at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Pistis Congregation, Christian Village, Ashaiman during the church’s forenoon service.

The Rev. S. H. O. Ofori was inducted and sworn into office by the District Minister of Ashaiman, Rev. Jacob K. Aguda.

It was a very solemn affair. After the induction ceremony, Rev. S. H. O. Ofori preached a short but very powerful message on ‘The Broken Walls of Jerusalem’. He talked about how Israel had been run over by the Persians and taken captive, adding that the youth who were strong had been taken away to Persia and among them was Nehemiah who became the King of Persia’s cup bearer.

He said, after some time, some of the remnants including the brother of Nehemiah arrived in Persia and Nehemiah inquired of them how the city was faring. “When we are at crossroads in our Christian lives and about to take steps forward, offences come and because we get offended, we take certain decisions that affect our focus and walk with the Lord”, he noted.

As he addressed the congregants, he reminded them that offences would definitely and most surely come but their hearts must be fixed and remained steadfast and focused. Offences must not be allowed to take us off our paths as we travel the Christian road. Harboring offences and bitterness would cost us.