Induction of Rev. Isaac Quist as Clerk

On Sunday, October 23, 2022, Rev. Isaac Quist was inducted into office as the Ga Presbytery Clerk. The service was held at the PCG El-Shaddai Congregation of the Ashaley Botwe District.

The Rev. Dr Victor Okoe Abbey delivering the sermon on the theme: ‘God is Merciful,’ admonished the congregants to be mindful of touting themselves as being better Christians than others. He said salvation is just by the grace and mercies of God and not through human works or efforts. He added that Christians have been transformed to do good works, so doing good works is not something one should boast about. It is the responsibility of every saved Christian.  It’s not an invitation to gloat over others.

Concluding, he advised that a person’s good works should serve as examples for others to emulate and not an avenue to Lord it over others. He asked the congregants to be humble and utilise their God-given talents and abilities to the glory of God who remains merciful.

In a short speech,  the Rev. Isaac Quist thanked the Presbytery for reposing confidence in him and giving him the opportunity to serve as the Presbytery Clerk. He asked for support to enable him to perform his duties diligently and with tact.

He promised to put in his best and also consult and seek good counsel to push the Presbytery to greater heights.

Present at the service were Rev. Dr Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye, Ga Presbytery Chairperson; Rev Dr Victor Okoe Abbey, immediate past Ga Presbytery Chairperson; Rev. Prof. B. Y Quarshie, Rector, Akrofi-Christaller Institute and former Ga Presbytery Chairperson; Rev. Esther Adjetey, former Ga Presbytery Clerk; Rev. Dr Joseph K. Antwi, Clerk of Ga West Presbytery; Rev. Daniel Nyarko, District Minister of Sakumono and former Ga West Presbytery Chairperson; Rev Sophia Kitcher Dangbe-Tongu Presbytery Clerk and Ing. Ludwig Hesse, Ga Presbytery Lay Representative to the General Assembly Council and Presbytery Council.