Emmanuel Presby Church Dansoman @ 40

The Emmanuel Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) at Dansoman has rounded up activities marking its 40th anniversary with a thanksgiving service in Accra, with a call on the Church to be ‘merciful’ to the poor in society or risk collapsing.


Speaking on the theme, “40th Years of Existence; The Fruit of the Holy Spirit in our Church”, the Chairperson of the Ga Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Rev. Dr. Godwin Nii Noi Odonkor , indicated that God showed mercy to David, Paul, and some individual characters in the Bible who changed the face of Christianity irrespective of their faults as in the human sense.


“Let us as a church not leave our brethren to their own faith when they miss the mark, but rather draw closer to such members of our church and give the hope in Christ Jesus, as Christ has loved us,” he stated.

The Chairperson said for David to become the most loved person to God, he always recognize God in the mist of his troubles and that made him to run to God for forgiveness. Adding that as Christians we should never leave God out in our Christian journey, but depend on Him for correction and direction in life.

“The church as well as pastors, catechists, elders and leaders of groups have put aside their core christian responsibilities of showing mercy on the needed and the poor in the church and society at large.” he said.

Rev. Dr. Odonkor advised the congregation to see the 40th anniversary celebration as a period to reach out to people who did not know Jesus Christ and prepare them for His second coming.

Guest of Honour

Mr. K. O. Adu-Labi (Lawyer-Banker), former Senior Presbyter of the Dansoman Emmanuel Presby Church and now a member of the Victory Fafraha Congregation was the guest of honour. In his address he touched on the core values of the PCG asking that all effort should be made by the leaders of the Church to inculcate discipline, respect, hard work in the life of the new generation of the church.

He was worried that the former Presbyterian discipline he attained as a young child growing is losing its value in the society today.

Mr. Adu-larbi urged youth in the country to always be mindful of the fact that God exalt the humble, hence they should respect the elderly and eschew all forms of laziness and blaming government for their woes, rather create work for themselves.

Presentation of Awards

The occasion was also used to recongised the contribution of founding members as well as hard working and deserving members of the congregation.

Present at the service were the Rev. William Quaye (Clerk of Ga Presbytery), Rev. Kwasi Kyei-Baffour (Central Presbytery Clerk) and a host of Ministers and Catechists who worked in the congregation during its formative years.