Ashaley Botwe Elevated To A District Status

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Ashale Botwe District in the Ga Presbytery has been elevated to a District status. The historic ceremony held in Accra and officiated by the Ga Presbytery Chairperson, Rev. Victor Okoe Abbey and assisted by the Clerk of Presbytery, Rev. William Quaye.

The other churches which forms the new District include; Calvary Congregation, El-Shaddai Congregation, Lakeside Estate Congregation, Jordan Congregation, Bethel Congregation and Unity Congregation.

The rest are; Abundant Grace Preaching Post, New Nmai Dzorn Preaching Post and West Botwe Preaching Post. The District Head Station is the Ebenezer Congregation, at Ashale Botwe.

The ceremony attracted a host of Presbyterians from all walks of life.

Rev. Isaac Quist was inducted into office as the Minister-In-Charge of the Ebenezer Congregation and the District Minister of the Ashale Botwe District.


Delivering a sermon on the theme: ‘Blessed is the Fruit of the Womb’ (Luke 1:39-55), Rev. Abbey said he was very excited to be associated with this historic event, the elevation of the Ashaley Botwe District out of the Madina, La and the Teshie Districts.

“Many would not have believed if they had been told that the small Ashale Botwe village with a very small Preaching Point within the Teshie District that used to worship under a ramshackle shed would grow to become this great and magnificent District,” he noted.

Rev. Victor Abbey congratulated the Ashale Botwe Congregation for their role over the years, which has gotten them this far. He also admonished them to allow their lives and activities to be used to grow Christianity and Presbyterianism in their community and beyond.

The Chairperson reminded the new District that every growth or advancement comes with responsibilities, saying as they get themselves ready to sit with their peers on the Districts’ platform, they should remember to fulfill their responsibilities as a District.

“You have become the focal and coordinating point for many congregations within your community, and as a District you will have to spearhead the evangelistic thrust within this community and even beyond on behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana,” he stressed.

He added that the strength and ability of the new District to carry out the above onerous responsibilities are provided for by our heavenly Father whose grace and mercy have brought them thus far.

District Minister’s Address

Rev. Isaac Quist, the new District Minister of Ashale Botwe District in his address thanked the General Assembly Council, the Ga Presbytery Chairperson and his Council respectively for accepting the proposal for the elevation.

He used the occasion to urge members of the new District to change their ways of doing things for the better.

‘We all need to work very hard with focus on attainment of the vision and the mission of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. “To be a Christ Centered, Evangelistic, Discipline, Democratic, United, Self-Sustaining and Growing Church”,’ he articulated.

Rev. Quist appeal to his colleague Agents to lend him the supporting hand to make the Ashale Botwe District one of the best in the Rainbow Presbytery.