The Jubilee Forum, which is a collaboration between the Ga Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Akropong has held its fifth in the series lecture under the theme: “The Ageing We Care: A Pastoral Response” at the Church Hall of the Eben-Ezer Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Osu in the Osu District.

The programme brought together both Clergy and laity from the Presbyterian Church of Ghana as well as the Anglican Diocesan of Accra.

The Rev. Dr. Nii Noi Odonkor, Chairperson of the Ga Presbytery, in his welcome address stated that the Forum is aimed at creating a platform with a view to reflecting on pastoral and theological issues arising from the pastoral field. He said the Forum also offers space for both the Clergy and Lay to share their experiences in a practical way.

The speakers were Dr. Sarah Dsane of National Film and Television Institute, Rev. Daniel Nyarko and Rev. T. S. Akunnor.  The Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Addo, Dean of the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Anglican Church, Accra, was the Chairman for the day.

Dr. Sarah Dsane of  NAFTI, spoke on the topic: “Care of Ageing Women” and said that ageing is a biological process which all human beings – both men and women – with their differing biographies enter into later on in life. She said although women may have the advantage of longer life than men, their care giving responsibilities do not end even when they grow old.

Dr. Dsane was worried about the problem women encounter through their ageing and called on the Clergy to add their voices to the issue and lead the way in finding inclusive approaches to the problems through counseling and prayer.

Rev. T. S. Akunnor, of the Adabraka Official Town District spoke on “Pastoral Care for the Ageing: A Practical Field Experience and drew extensively from his experience in pastoral care. He stressed that in discussing the topic and attempting to find solutions, one must not forget the caregivers.

Responding to the two, Rev. Daniel Nyarko, the Fafraha District Minister, speaking on the topic “The Ageing: A Pastoral Response the Emerging Issues from the Perspective of Akropong Christ Church (PCG), gave an overview of what pertains at Akropong in the Akwapim Presbytery.

In his closing remarks the Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Addo, challenged the Clergy to create the right atmosphere in their respective ministries to make the care of the ageing a priority for the Church.

Dignitaries present at the lecture were Rev. Dr. Charles Gyan-Duah (a former General Assembly Clerk of the PCG), Rev. Dr. B. Y. Quarshie (Rector, Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Akropong), Rev. Prof. D. N. A. Kpobi, (a Senior Lecturer at the Trinity Theological Seminary), Rev. Rose Teteki Abbey (Clerk of Ga Presbytery), Rev. Charles Ahwireng (a former Chairperson of the Akuapem Presbytery) and some high profile personality from the Anglican Church.