Madina District YPG to hold its Maiden Homecoming & Fundraising Dinner

The call to Missions is a call to action; for everyone, everywhere, who professes the Christian faith. The Madina District Young Peoples’ Guild (YPG) of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana is committed to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church to many lost souls in their communities.

Since its inauguration in 1989, the Guild has used diverse approaches to turning people towards the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. These include Missions, face-to-face evangelism and Touching Lives, charity-driven evangelism. The Madina District Minister, Rev. Michael G. Anim-Tetey put it at the 2017 District Session Thanksgiving Service, as “…the message is that Jesus the Mighty is ready to save”

In the 2018 ecclesiastical year, the Guild intends to kick its evangelism efforts a notch higher; by touching more lives in hard-to-reach communities of Ghana. In such pursuits, Madina District YPG is organising its Maiden Homecoming and Fundraising Dinner to kick-start its evangelism efforts. Speaking to the Madina District YPG President, Mr. Rene Boateng about the event, he stated that “the Dinner promises to reunite past and present guilders and patrons of the Guild across all the Congregations, including those who were once with our District. Our present position is strong because of the firm foundation laid by our forebears”.

The Dinner is scheduled for Tuesday, 26th December 2017 at the Ground Floor of the Presbyterian Hall, Madina; from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. In an interview with Mr. Godwin Akowua, the Madina District Evangelism Secretary expressed that, “evangelism is the heartbeat of any growing Church and a step such as this to marshal God’s army is a right step up”. He further noted that the 2018 ecclesiastical year of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, themed, “Let the Earth Hear (Romans 10:14-17)” provides extra motivation to fulfil their soul-winning mission.

Understandably, the organising committee has put in a great deal of work to ensure a successful event. Patrons should expect a spectacular night of celebration, tempered with the over-arching theme of fundraising.

In a separate interview, Ms. Vida Sefa, Chairperson of the Organising Committee said that the event is open to all who wish to support the Work of God. Some respected personalities including church leadership have accepted to come in on the night to lend their support. The tickets for the Dinner range between 30GHS and 50GHS; however, all patrons would receive equal reception, save that the difference is meant to support the fundraising activities of the Guild.

All those willing to support the fundraising efforts can do so, even months into 2018. Interested people should contact the Guild’s Treasurer, Mr. Alex Nyarko, on +233 (0) 026 618 8753 or send an email to

Let’s go and make the Earth Hear the saving power of Jesus Christ!