2014 Presbytery Decisions

1. The remission from General Assembly to carve the Asante South Presbytery out of the Asante Presbytery was accepted.

2. The remission from General Assembly for the Change of title from “Catechist” to “Lay Pastor” was accepted. The Presbytery, however, recommended that “LAY” be dropped for the title to be PASTOR.

3. The remission from General Assembly Council on the Report by the 2013 General Assembly Technical Committee on the Number of Commissioners to General Assembly was accepted.

4. The remission from General Assembly on the Lay Members of the General Assembly Council was not accepted.

5. The audited financial report for 2013 was accepted.

6. All Districts, Congregations and Groups in the Presbytery must open accounts, and invest, with the GAP Microfinance Company Limited.

7. Fifty (50) Pavilions to be built in deprived areas in the Presbytery within a five year period. Two Pavilions will be put up by Presbytery before the end of 2014. Districts and Congregations should also sponsor the building of the Pavilions. 2nd Offertories taken in all Congregations and Preaching Points on Presbytery Sunday will also be earmarked for this project.

8. A College of Preachers to be formed in the Presbytery.

9. The proposal for the Ga Presbytery to be re-demarcated to enable the creation of three different Presbyteries namely; Ga Presbytery, West Ga Presbytery and Ga Dangme Presbytery, is remitted to General Assembly.

10. The concern on schedule 3:13 in the Constitution of the P.C.G which states that ‘ non communicant members of the Church should not be Churched at their death’ should be remitted to the General Assembly Committee on Doctrine to study the issue and come up with a paper to educate the Church.

11. Next Host of Presbytery is Sakumono District.

12. The Presbytery Clerk elect is Rev. William Korley Quaye.