2012 Presbytery(Clerk’s Report)


Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.     Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men so that you will not grow weary and lose heart (Heb. 12: 1:3).


Rev. Chairperson, Past Presbytery Officers, Delegates, Observers, Ladies and Gentlemen, by the grace of the Almighty God, another year is here with us and we have gathered here to give thanks to God, take stock of the last year and plan for the coming year. This report will cover:

 1. Presbytery Council

2. Transfers and Postings

3. Statistics

4. Some Notable Events

5. District and Departmental Reports

6. Conclusion


a)  Membership

The Council was made up of the following:

?     Principal Officers                               2

?     Lay Representative on GAC             1

? District Ministers                                 28

? District Lay Representatives              28

? Mission Field Coordinators                  2

? Mission Field Lay Representatives      2

? N. O. P Coordinator                               1

? N. O. P. Lay Representative                  1

? Youth Representatives                         2

? Legal Advisors                                        2

? Departmental Directors                     7

                Total                                    76

 b)  Standing Committee:

In September 2011, the District representatives on the Standing    Committee changed as follows:

? The Clergy, representing Adabraka Official Town and Sakumono, were replaced by Clergy from Nungua and Adentan.

? The Lay Persons, representing Adabraka and Tema Community 1, were  replaced by Lay Persons from Apenkwa and Osu.


a)  Transferred Ministers

In all, a total number of 39 Ministers were affected by transfers within, into and out of the Presbytery. This included Probationers as well as Ministers returning from further studies. All have settled down and are working in earnest.

b)  Inductions

By the grace of God, all newly transferred District Ministers have been

inducted into office. There was an innovation this year as Presbytery presented bibles to all the District Ministers at their inductions. This act, which will hopefully become a tradition of the Presbytery, was to     symbolically remind them of the importance of the word of God in their Ministry.

i)  Support Group

Each induction was, as usual, done with some Council members     standing behind the candidate as a form of support. Once the induction is over, however, there is little or no connection between the inducted minister and those who supported him or her. There has been the school of thought that those who stand behind could actually form a support group that will pray with that minister throughout his tenure of office. The work of the “Support Group” would only end when the District Minister is transferred from that District.


a.  Comments on the statistics:

i.       Inconsistency in Record Keeping

Chairperson, this year too, there is enough evidence to show that some of the statistics from the Districts are not quite what they should be. Once again, we had to deal with Districts whose figures that were       presented for 2010 last year do not tally with the figures presented for 2010 this year. This shows a gross inconsistency in our record keeping.

ii.       Analysis

?  In comparison with the 40,094 children recorded in 2010, 41,587 children were recorded for 2011 showing an increase of 1,493 or 3.72%.

?   In 2010, the number of children between the ages of 12 and 18 were 23,266. In 2011, the number was 23,686 showing an increase of 420 in real terms or 1.81%.

?   The number of young people aged between 18 and 30 were 26,785 in 2010. This   number rose to 27,281 in 2011, representing an increase of 496 or 1.85%.

?   The total number of adults aged 30 – 40 in 2010 was 18,832. This number fell to 18,126 in 2011, representing a decrease of 706 or 3.75%.

?   There was another decrease among those aged 40 and above.  The figure for 2010 was 61,907 compared to 60,767 for 2011. This showed a loss of 1,140 adults or 1.84%.

1.    Increases

? Four (4) Districts achieved more than the 10% numerical growth   target set by the Church. These were:

? Abokobi                              19.2 %

? Ashaiman                           23.2 %

? Dansoman                          17.0 % and

? Fafraha                               22 %

2.   Decreases

Membership in eleven (11) Districts decreased; some of them rather     significantly while others were not particularly worrying. Those of       particular concern include:

Kaajaano                      34.6%

La                                 29.9%

Tema North                 21.41% and

Teshie                          12.45%

                iii.   Explanations

? Kaajaano attributes her decrease to relocation of members to newer areas as well as an apparent mistake in the computing of the 2010 figures.

? La has seen mistakes in the compilation of their statistics and is in the process of correcting them. The correction has been made in the Bethel Congregation but is yet to take place in the Church of the Nativity. These latter corrections will reflect in the 2012     statistics.

? Teshie attributes the decrease to the installation of the  Management Software which has brought a truer and more realistic reflection of their numbers.

The number of non-communicants increased from 15127 in 2010 to 17520 in 2011. There is the need for an intensified focus on teaching about the importance of the Eucharist.

b.   Others

? There are currently 221 Congregations and about 128 Preaching Points in the Presbytery. These Congregations are cared for by 194 Ministers, 255 Catechists, 3 Evangelists and 80 Caretakers.  The Ministers include 105 Fulltime Ministers, 38 Ministers in Other Fields and 51 Tent Making Ministers.

? The overall total number of members in the Presbytery for the Year 2011 is 171,447, an increase of 563 or 0.33%   over the 2010 figure of 170,884.

Unfortunately, we have, once again, fallen far below the targeted 10% growth.  The last program of the Jubilee Forum was geared towards helping ministers and the lay who attended to evaluate their  ministries.  The Rev. George D. Kwapong spoke on “Emerging Trends in Church Growth Matters: The Coin Concept”.  He alerted us to some practices that were not helpful and pointed out certain things that would ensure that people, who enter our front doors stayed, learnt and      multiplied by bringing in others. To back up his claims, the Fafraha District increased by 22%. It is hoped that we will take the Coin method and/or any  other method that works, seriously, so that we will get closer to the 10% in the coming years.

Chairperson, Delegates, it is also to help our evangelism that Rick    Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Church”, has been added to the package for delegates.  We strongly urge delegates from each District to give themselves time to read and mark or highlight points that are important to them, fix a time to discuss their highlighted points and look for ways in which these could be used for the growth of their District. The results could be shared at a seminar or workshop with all Session members, group leaders and other members who want to see the Church grow.



In the course of the year, two (2) Presbytery Meetings, a regular one and an emergency one, were held:

 i.  Presbytery 2011

The 39th Presbytery Meeting took place from Saturday 9th to   Wednesday 13th April 2011 at the Presbyterian Women’s Centre, Abokobi. It was hosted by the Laterbiokorshie District. The meeting, as usual, was preceded by a three-day Crusade within the Laterbiokorshie locality with the Evangelism team and the Department of Mission   evangelizing in the congregations within the District.

The following are some decisions that are being implemented and changes that have taken place as a result of that meeting:

1.  Jubilee Forum

The Presbytery has adopted and now finances the Jubilee Forum which is a platform for theological reflection. This was done in  cognizance of the  crucial role the forum plays in educating both Clergy and Lay. It would be recalled that the Jubilee Forum, which seeks to bring together academia and praxis, was started in 2009 as collaboration between the Ga Presbytery    Ministers’ Conference, the Department of Mission and Evangelism and the Akrofi-Christaller Institute.

2.    Children and Junior Youth Friendly Year

Delegates to the 39th Presbytery unanimously decided to declare the year 2012 a “Children and Junior Youth Friendly Year”. Under this declaration, Districts and Congregations were urged to take a critical look at their       ministry to Children and Junior Youth. Of particular emphasis, would be their places of worship, the competence of their teachers and leaders as well as ensuring the physical safety of their surroundings. The provision of      laptops and overhead projectors to aid worship was said to be a top priority. Chairperson, as part of this Presbytery Meeting, the Children’s Ministry and the Junior Youth Ministry will jointly present a very short documentary which will, hopefully, highlight their achievements as well as challenges  facing them. It is hoped that this presentation will further move Districts to critically assess their ministry to this vulnerable group in the Church and that come Presbytery 2013, each District will report on efforts they have made to give meaning to the Children and Junior Youth Friendly Year.

I am sure delegates will agree with me that at 90 years, the period of children worshipping under trees should be a thing of the past.

 3.    GAP Microfinance Company

A Committee was formed to oversee the arrangements for the establishment of the Ga Presbytery Microfinance Company. There was an initial delay in the work of the Committee while awaiting the publication of new Guidelines from Bank of Ghana on the running of Microfinance companies in the   country.

The Committee has largely completed the Feasibility Study and                arrangements are being made to formally incorporate a new company, GAP Micro- finance Services Company Limited, which will serve as the operating vehicle. It is hoped that the application to Bank of Ghana will be submitted in April 2012 and it is anticipated that the company will commence business in the third quarter of 2012.

The Directors of the company will organize a series of presentations at Presbytery and across Districts to educate members on the  objectives of the company prior to launching. The company, in addition to lending, will also be licensed to take limited deposits. GAP Microfinance Services Company Limited should be able to pay reasonable levels of interest more than the traditional banks offer to local congregations and Church Groups. The Chairman of the Committee will later brief this meeting and answer any questions that members would have.

4.   90th Anniversary

At the end of the 39th Presbytery, members agreed to set up a committee to help determine the age of our beloved Presbytery and to celebrate it on a low key or otherwise, depending on the outcome.

The said committee, after a careful scrutiny of the history of the Presbytery, proposed 90 years and this was accepted by the Presbytery Council.  The 90th anniversary was launched on 23rd October, 2011 in eight congregations     simultaneously. Activities for the celebration, which have continued into the year 2012, include the following:

? A Breakfast Meeting,

? Children and Youth Day,

? A Thanksgiving Service

? Youth Rally and

? Chrizonto Praise among others

5.   Basic School Support

Presbytery affirmed the need to make her presence felt in the schools as this would give the Church the moral right to make inputs as to how the schools are run. Districts were encouraged to select one    Basic School, support them and report on it to 2012 Presbytery.     Going through the reports, however, there is very little evidence that much had been done by the Districts.

It would be prudent, Rev. Chairperson, Delegates, if this year, the “encouragement” would be pushed a step further and made a decision so that acting and reporting on it in the Year 2013 would be mandatory.


On 26th October, an emergency Presbytery was held at the Eben-Ezer      Congregation, Osu. The emergency meeting served the dual purpose of providing a platform for the presentation of the 2012 budget as well as for reporting on proceedings from General Assembly.


The Moriah Retreat and Prayer Centre at Danfa continues to flourish with an average attendance of around 85 worshippers each      Wednesday. We are most grateful to the Districts who continue to support the Centre with weekly  delegations. It is hoped that as the place becomes popular, it would attract people and there would no longer be the need to send delegations on a weekly basis.

A portion of the land had been cleared and a block plan drawn for the Centre. There is a plan to construct:

? A Manse to house the Director who would also double up as the local minister.

? A Pavilion for Worship

? A huge Prayer Garden

? An office

? Stores

? A playing field

? Toilet facilities, etc

Attempts at getting a fulltime minister for the Centre failed last year and so a Catechist has been engaged as Acting Director.  It is hoped that in 2012, a substantive Minister would be posted there.


Chairperson, delegates, it has become obvious that more money,

attention and supervision is needed for this ministry than the         Presbytery can provide. Furthermore, the work is such that it would need   people who have some training for it, otherwise, the Church might end up   being conned. For  instance, if the conversion of the women        involved is not sincere, accommodation that is rented or built for them might easily be turned into a place of unwholesome use and bring the name of the Church into disrepute. In view of these as well as to ensure effective monitoring and to avoid duplication of     efforts, the Dorcas Project has been handed over to the Official Town District and the Rev. Dr. Nantoma Congregation, both of whom are  already very much involved with it. They have the personnel to run the project and supervision would be better since they are close to the     projects. The Presbytery committee would continue to carry out its oversight and coordinating responsibilities.   

d.   Best Presbyterian Student 2010

Delegates may recall that in 2010, a student called Naziru Shaibu won the Best Presbyterian student award for the BECE.  In the course of 2011, it came to the notice of the Presbytery Council that the education of Master Shaibu, who had gained admission to Presec, Legon, was threatened because his mother, a single parent, could not afford the money for his food and transportation to and from school. The        Presbytery Council took the decision to seek boarding facilities for him and to fully support him. 

e.   Theological Commission

Presbytery has constituted a commission of theologians to help respond to nebulous theological issues that would arise in the Presbytery. The         Committee is headed by the Rev. Dr. Philip Tetteh Laryea.

f.   Commissioning of Trinity Ministerial Students

On Sunday 5th June 2011, sixteen (16) students from the Trinity    Theological Seminary, Legon, were commissioned at the Immanuel Congregation, Madina. Two (2) of them were candidates from the Ga Presbytery. The officiating minister was the Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, the Moderator. He was assisted by Rev. Herbert Anim Opong, the Clerk of General Assembly, Rev. Dr. Godwin N. N. Odonkor, the Chairperson of Ga  Presbytery and some members of the General      Assembly Council.

g.   Ordination

Based on the recommendation of their District Ministers and approval of the Presbytery Council, ten (10) Ministerial Probationers were    ordained at the Ascension Congregation, Koforidua, on 19th June 2011.  They were:

? Rev. Samuel Anang Ofoli

? Rev. Joyce Akweley Adoteye

? Rev. Emmanuel Adu Tetteh

? Rev. Kwabena Yeboah Mintah

? Rev. Ben Ofori

? Rev. Edward Boafo

? Rev. Michael Hughes Lartey

? Rev. Edmund Mensah

? Rev. Clement Mante-Dankwa

? Rev. Dr. Adobea Yaa Owusu

h.   Presbytery Clinic

On Tuesday 1st November, 2011, as part of the last Council Meeting for 2011, Rev. Dr. Godwin Nii Noi Odonkor, Chairperson of         Presbytery, commissioned the Presbytery Clinic in the presence of the Presbytery Council Members. We are grateful to God for this          significant milestone. The idea for the clinic, which is expected to   cater for the families at Kuku-hill, Staff of the Jubilee House as well as       Ministers in the  Presbytery, originated in 2006. The clinic is being operated by a retired nurse, Ms. Angelina Adjei, with Rev. Prof. Adukwei Hesse, on call. 

i.  Presbyterian Centre for Leadership & Development

Plans are far advanced to start a project to be known as the            Presbyterian Centre for Leadership Development. The Centre will be located at Presec, Legon. Initially, the target group will be     Presbyterian students in Presec. It is envisaged that participants, in  addition to the usual curriculum, will be taught Presbyterian Studies and Leadership skills, doctrine and biblical studies, evangelism and discipleship, etc. The goal is to produce young people of excellence, a “breed” that will recapture the Presbyterian dream in an even more refined way. It is also hoped that eventually, some of them will be

called to the holy Ministry. 

j.   Consultation on Evangelism and Church Growth

The 2nd Annual Consultation on Evangelism and Church Growth took place on 8th and 9th November 2011.  The consultation, which will now be an annual event, is aimed at examining evangelism and church      planting efforts within the Presbytery. It is further aimed at helping to set realistic evangelism targets for all Districts as well as facilitating and coordinating congregations to attain set targets. It also offers the opportunity to plan for subsequent years.

Sixty five (65) persons representing all the 28 Districts and 2 Mission Fields attended this year’s programme. Resource persons included Mr. Ross Campbell of the Ghana Evangelism Committee and Mr. Kofi Adu of the Scripture Union and Jesus Ghana Festival Secretariat.

k.   Campus Ministry

On Sunday, 11th September, 2011, twenty-eight (28) students of the Legon Branch of the NUPSG were on their way to launch the annual Baselfest at the Redemption Congregation, New Gbawe, in the    Kaneshie District when their bus was involved in an accident. They had various degrees of injuries and were rushed to the Achimota   Hospital, from where some of them were referred to the 37 Military Hospital and others to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. To the glory of God, no deaths occurred. All those sent to the Achimota Hospital were treated and discharged. The rest were admitted for various periods of time. By the grace of God, all of them have been discharged from the hospital and, with the exception of two (2), are back in school. The two (2), Jack Gyimah and Henry Mensah, have had their courses     deferred for one (1) year.

The Presbytery, led by the Chairperson and the Coordinator of the Campus Ministry, paid various visits to them and mobilized funds to pay for their treatment. Amongst those who contributed to this fund was the General Assembly Office with a generous donation of        GH¢ 3000.00. This has enabled the Presbytery to pick up the bills for all the treatment.

We thank God for being there with us in the midst of it all. We pray that this trial will rather serve to strengthen the faith of these students in their resolve to live for Christ. Our gratitude also goes to the Campus Ministry leaders and all others who came to our aid during the crisis.

l.   End of Year Get-together

As the year came to an end, Presbytery took the opportunity to      celebrate in the following ways:

i.   Retired Agents

On 15th December, Presbytery organized a Christmas party for retired Agents and their spouses. All the retired agents as well as Agents’ widows were invited and 39 were able to show up. We had a good time as we interacted with them. They went away with some parcels for Christmas. 

ii.   District Ministers/Directors

Presbytery took the opportunity that Christmas offered to express our gratitude to the District Ministers and the various departmental       Directors for the immense support they gave to us in the course of the year. The Chairperson also thanked them for striving to pay their    assessments despite the apparent challenges they obviously faced.

iii.   Festival of Lessons and Carols

Immediately after the end-of-year party, the staff of the Presbytery treated the District Ministers and other guests to their first ever        Festival of Lessons and Carols. The Presbytery Staff choir and the  Presec, Osu, choir added to the joy of the day with their melodious carols.


The following activities took place in the course of the year, to the glory of God:

? On 23rd January 2011, the corner stone was laid to pave the way for the construction of a chapel at the Most Holy Trinity          Congregation, Lashibi, in the Sakumono District.

The Fafraha District celebrated her first anniversary as a District in

? grand style on 29th January 2011.

? The Chairperson of Presbytery cut sod for the building of chapels and a church hall at the following places and dates:

? West Legon, Nima District                              1st May 2011

? Amrahia, Ga East Mission Field                     8th May 2011

? Bethel Congregation, Ga East Mission Field    29th May 2011

? Kaneshie Jubilee Hall                                      24th July 2011

The following Preaching Points were elevated to Congregational status on these dates:

? Fise , Ga West Mission Field               3rd April 2011

? Okaikoi, Ga West Mission Field          12th June 2011

? Afiaman, Ga West Mission Field        26th June 2011

? Asofan, Ga West Mission Field           17th July 2011

? Adjei Kodjo, Ashaiman                                    31st July 2011

? Ashaiman New Town                          14th August 2011

? Trinity , Zenu, Ashaiman                    25th September 2011

? The Bible Study and Prayer Group celebrated 40 years of    evangelistic work at Kaneshie on 26th June 2011.

? The Adabraka Official Town Congregation thanked God for His love, mercy and provision as they marked their 40th milestone on 26th June 2011.

? The Prince of Peace Congregation, Tema Community 2, went agog with excitement on 30th October 2011, as they launched their Golden Jubilee.

We thank the Almighty God for all these milestones and humbly ask for more.


a.   Method of Reporting

Chairperson, delegates, it is obvious that, despite all attempts to the contrary, all reports including the Clerk’s, have been written in the old format. This is partly due to the fact that it will be easier to report in the new format if the reports that will feed one’s own are in the same format. It is, therefore, imperative that all reports from all levels, including the congregational level, are henceforth done in the new format.

Fortunately, the General Assembly Office has given 2013 as the compulsory date to start using this method. To meet this deadline, however, demands that Congregational and Group reports to the 2012 District Conferences must be in the new format.

To aid this process, yet another seminar on the new method for reporting has been scheduled for 8th May 2012.  All departmental directors are expected to attend. It is open to District and Local Session Clerks although they have to pay some fee. Hopefully, this will be the last such seminar; what we still cannot grasp after this will have to be learnt on the job, so to speak.

b.   New Directors

Chairperson, Delegates, in the course of the year under review, the    following departments had new directors:

Department               Old Director               Current Director

Ecum. & Soc. Rel.       Rev. Isaac Brown        Rev. Mrs.. J. M. Ankrah

Finance and Budget  Mr. A. Nyampong       Mrs.. R. Mensah-Onumah

Education                   Rev. Mrs. V. Wayoe    Mrs. Cynthia L. Osafo

Miss. & Evan.              Rev. Nana Agyemang  Rev. Ben Ofori

Rev. Ben Larsey handed over to Rev Samuel Nii Klu Nortey as    Chairman of the Committee on Accounts and Budget.

c.   Reconstitution of Committees

By the grace of God, many of the committees have been re-constituted and it is hoped that that will have a big impact on the work of the     departments. Hopefully, the Districts would also ensure that the various  committees are set up for effective running of the Church. 

d.   Low Patronage of Programmes

Once again, Chairperson, many of the Districts and Departments have reported low patronage of programmes. There is, clearly, the need to identity the cause of this apathy towards activities in the Church with the bid to “curing” it. Is it due to transportation difficulties with its attendant traffic jams in the city? Is it a matter of content, delivery or style? Has time got anything to do with it? That is to say will these programmes be better patronized if they were organised during     weekends, for instance?

It is crucial that the root cause of the problem is identified so it could be tackled. Maybe one last question would be, “Are there any success stories we could learn from?”

e.   Abeka Fish Farm

The Abeka District seems to be leading the way as far as income    generation is concerned. They have not allowed distance to cower them as they spread their wings all the way to Akuse to engage in fish farming. It is hoped that they have effective ways of monitoring the farm so that the expected outcome would be achieved.

f.   Property Manager

In spite of advertisements in The Christian Messenger and announcements in the Congregations, another year has come by and we still have not received any applications for the position of a full time   Property Manager. The struggle to keep the Church’s properties,     especially lands, safe from encroachment continues to be a major headache. At the risk of repeating oneself, it is necessary to sound yet another note of caution to all Districts to be aggressive in handling all land matters including documentation, securing boundaries and       development. It is crucial that there is empirical evidence of every transaction and that nothing is done purely and solely on the basis of trust.

g.   Church Management Software

The Committee has started installing the Church Management Software in the Districts. Reports indicate that some of the Districts that have started using it are having their statistics streamlined.

For the sake of uniformity in reporting, we continue to encourage all Districts to acquire it without delay. Congregations would need to identify young men and women who are proficient in IT and put them in charge of updating their entries.

h.   Insuring Landed Property

The Trinity Insurance Brokers’ request to be furnished with an inventory of all private commercial properties has, so far, received very little response. In view of the frequent fires in the nation, the need to insure our landed properties against fire, floods and other disasters cannot be overemphasized.


It would be very helpful if this Presbytery Meeting would give some sort of directive to Districts and local Congregations on handling    insurance issues.


In line with the recommendation of the 39th Presbytery, visitation to retired Agents and Agents’ Widows took place before this Presbytery Meeting. All the Districts reported that they were able to visit those assigned them. The reports indicated that the vast majority of them were in good health and sent their greetings, blessings and good wishes. The following are some exceptions and specifics:

ABOKOBI: Rev. Oppong Agyare had had an eye surgery, but he was recovering.

ACCRA NEW TOWN: Mrs. Gladys Newman could not walk.

ADABRAKA: Mrs. Beeko and her family had been saved from 3 different accidents that week. She asked for constant prayers. Rev. Ofori Larbi was recovering from a mild stroke. He sent his greetings to all and expressed gratitude to the Moderator, Presbytery           Chairperson, Presbytery Clerk and the Kanda Congregation.

DANSOMAN: Rev. E. S. Mate-Kodjo and Mrs. Vida Addo were recuperating from a leg injury and an eye surgery, respectively.

GA WEST MISSION FIELD: Rev. I. T. Sackey cautioned the Church not to be so afraid of losing the youth that they permit them, i.e. the youth, to import some traits into worship that could make us lose our Presbyterian identity. Madam Dora Sowah was visiting a daughter outside the Mission Field.

MADINA: Rev. E. F. Addo had had surgery but was recovering; Mrs. Margaret Amoah had lost her son last month; she was, thankfully,  coping well. Mrs. Beatrice Gyan was yet to be visited.

TESHIE: Mrs. Agnes Nyako was battling old-age problems.

OTHERS: Many of those visited liked the new system of visiting  before Presbytery as, they said, it afforded more time for conversation. One woman said she had been widowed for over twenty (20) years but this was the third time that the visiting team had made it to her house. On other occasions, they had turned back due to fatigue and lack of time.


Once again, Chairperson, Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen, as we give account of the past year and look forward to another, we have to say farewell to some of our Ministers and Catechists. They are: 

? Rev. J. Oduro-Awisi

? Rev. Asare Ayeh

? Rev. Col. (Rtd) Eugene Brown Boapea Sintim

? Rev. Frank Meshach Teyegaga

? Rev. C. K. Ahorble

? Rev. Dr. S. A. Adjei

? Catechist Kwadjo Ntiri Asare

? Catechist Oko Schandorf

? Catechist Mrs. Agnes O. Adjei

? Catechist Juliet Kpentey

? Catechist Samuel Oliver Aboagye-Koranteng

? Catechist Mrs. Gloria Asabea Kwakye

? Catechist Alexander Addy Adjei

? Catechist Kofi Akyea Adu

These fine men and women heeded to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ and for years have been casting their nets as the Lord directed them. By the grace of God, they have attained the average span of three score and ten and so they are retiring to continue the work of the Lord from the comfort of their homes.

As it happened in the parable of our Lord Jesus Christ, some of them were called early whilst others were called at the eleventh hour, yet we believe that our God, as gracious as ever, will give to each of these sons and daughters not what they deserve, but that out of His great abundance, the good Lord will reward them beyond their     wildest imaginations.

On behalf of presbytery, I say: “aanyekoo Mama m? k? Papa m?. Agya nom ne ?na nom, y? ma mo mo ni y?”.


It is difficult to believe that another year has gone by so soon. It has been a rather busy one but many are the people who have worked hard behind the scenes through prayer, advice, and in many other ways, to ensure that the work is done. I thank the Lord Almighty for His abundant grace and mercy, and for giving me so many loyal   people who are committed to His cause and who are ever ready to pitch in and help. I am grateful to District Ministers, colleague     Ministers, Directors and Church members.

I continue to be thankful to God for the opportunity to work with the Chairperson, the Rev. Dr. Godwin Nii Noi Odonkor. My deepest gratitude goes to the staff at the Jubilee House, whose tireless work has contributed to bringing us this far; the Chairperson calls you the “Unsung Heroes” and that, indeed, is what you are! To those of you

here as well as those keeping the fort back home, I say thank you and may the Almighty God continue to guide you as do your part to     further His kingdom. As for me, I stand by my promise to continue to do my best to uphold the good work that has been done in this     wonderful rainbow Presbytery, so that whenever we are called to give account to God and to our fellow human beings, we will not be ashamed.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things… And the God of peace will be with you.

(Phil.  4: 8&9b. NIV)

 Rev. Rose Teteki Abbey

24th April 2012